We could not have achieved this successful outcome without tremendous support from concerned citizens and volunteers who dedicate time and effort to informing their neighbors and talking with elected officials.

The Glenview ACTION Committee would also like to thank the Village of Glenview elected officials and staff who listened to our concerns and dedicated significant time and funding to eliminate the Holding Track from the Amtrak Hiawatha expansion project, and who continue to advocate for beneficial alternative solutions so that the project may proceed without significant negative impacts on our community. 

Additionally, we want to thank all of our state and federal legislators who remained strong opponents of the Holding Track throughout the multi-year study process. In particular, thank you to Senators Laura Fine and Julie Morrison for their direct communications with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) that resulted in the elimination of the tracks. Also, we would like to highlight the importance of efforts by Senator Durbin, who called for alternatives to be studied, and Congresswoman Schakowsky and Congressman Schneider whose strident demands for more detailed information in the form of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) focused state and federal attention on this issue.  

Lastly, we would like to thank Governor Pritzker, Deputy Governor Mitchell, and IDOT Secretary Osman for their willingness to listen to our concerns, consider alternatives, and expeditiously resolve this issue by removing the Holding Tracks from the project.