Glenview looks to state reps, governor's office in fight against Amtrak Hiawatha project

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Glenview officials are continuing their fight against the construction of a holding track that would run through the village as part of the proposed Amtrak Hiawatha project.

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Deputy Village Manager Don Owen said the village agreed to spend money on legislative services because staff would like to influence decisions “at a higher level.” The village would like to work with the governor’s office and with the Illinois secretary of transportation to oppose the project, Owen said.

The board also approved a resolution in support of Senate Resolution 1746, which urges that all proposed Illinois rail projects with new freight train holding tracks near residential areas have a full environmental impact statement.

The resolution also urges the Illinois Department of Transportation “to pursue options to eliminate or minimize the routing of bypass freight traffic through the Chicago area.”

The village of Glenview and the Citizens for ACTION group, which is a grassroots campaign to oppose the holding track, met with state representatives to discuss what actions could be taken to oppose the project, and the best option was a resolution, Owen said.

Village officials, residents and state representatives hope the resolution will educate state representatives on the significant impacts the holding track will have in Glenview and then address the impacts, Owen said.

Owen said representatives from the Illinois and Wisconsin departments of transportation have told village officials that there is no need to study freight train impacts because the plan is to increase Amtrak service and not add more freight train traffic.

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Gary Ricke